11 Best Youtube Channels for Nintendo Switch Owners

Nintendo Switch is an awesome gaming device. It has been one of the best-selling gaming hardware and there are tons of games for it. Of course, there are shitty or non-ready games too. To avoid buying these games, I personally go to Youtube and search for the video reviews of the game. I also use Reddit, Metacritic and some other useful blogs like Nintendo Everything, Nintendo Life and more. I think it is hard to find useful Youtube channels for Nintendo Switch because of the Youtube search system. So, I have prepared a list of my favorite Youtube channels publishing quality content about Nintendo Switch. These channels publish game news, video reviews, gameplay videos and a lot more. Let’s get to the work and start our list.

Nintendo Official Youtube Channel


Yes, I know. This is a very popular channel but trust me, there are a lot of Nintendo Switch owners who aren’t subscribers of Nintendo Official Youtube Channel. This channel is not so different from other “official” channels but there are also no rumors or misleading information about Nintendo Switch games. I would recommend you to subscribe it and wait for the news about newest Switch games.



SwitchForce is a Switch-dedicated Youtube channel as is evident from its name. They make videos about Nintendo Switch news, games, gameplay videos, reviews, discussions and more. SwitchForce publishes videos almost on a daily basis. This one is a must-follow Youtube channel about Nintendo Switch.




SwitchPlanet is another gaming channel for Nintendo Switch gamers. They inform us about upcoming games, new games announcements, weekly new releases, gameplay videos, trailers and more. SwitchPlanet also does giveaways and they announce the winner on their Twitter page.

Marc The Geek


Marc The Geek is my favorite Youtube channel for Nintendo Switch and any other mobile or handheld gaming platform. I follow him since his Playstation Vita reviews and he makes awesome videos about Nintendo Switch. He just goes into the handheld mode and plays most of the games off-screen on Nintendo Switch. I would definitely recommend his channel to stay updated with  new Switch games.

Nintendo Life


Nintendo Life is a great information source for Nintendo Switch gamers. With their same-named blog, they produce high-quality content for Nintendo lovers. You may find videos about game news, reviews, gameplay videos, hardware and accessories reviews and more Switch content on their channel. Alex is the owner of this channel and I recommend him as a Nintendo Switch gamer.



If you want to have fun and get info at the same time, GameXplain is a really good choice. In this channel, you may find videos on Nintendo Switch games, news, reviews, trailer analyses, in-depth discussions, detailed gameplay sessions and more. GameXplain also streams newest Nintendo Switch games which are good to watch before buying.

The Wulff Den


The Wulff Den is another great Youtube channel for Nintendo Switch owners. Lately, they are publishing videos especially about Nintendo Switch games, news, and gameplay. Their Twitch account is also very active and I watch their events on a regular basis. If you like games and comics, The Wulff Den will probably satisfy your desire.

Spawn Wave


Spawn Wave is a precious Youtube channel for Nintendo Switch owners. In Reddit, this channel is one of the most popular channels about Switch. There are game news, reviews, rumors, guides, and gameplay videos on Spawn Wave. They make videos on a daily basis and on Saturdays, they are on Spawncast! I absolutely recommend this channel to any Nintendo Switch owner.



FILIP is the Youtube channel that you must visit before buying any Switch game. There are a series of “Should you buy it?” videos on this channel along with news, gameplay videos and reviews. In late 2017, this channel is not very active but hope they continue to make videos about Nintendo Switch.  He also has a very active Instagram account and you can click here to check it out.



If you want to watch honest reviews about Nintendo Switch games, Arlo is the one you are looking for. This blue monster has great videos of gameplay, reviews, news, and sometimes live commentary. He has a very active Twitter account too. You can follow his Twitter account by clicking here.

Nintendo Voice Chat


Nintendo Voice Chat Youtube channel is a little different from others. They don’t do review videos. Instead, they stream a great show where they talk about Nintendo Switch games, news, rumors and more. It was started as a podcast on IGN and they host full-length videos on this Youtube channel.

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