5 Raspberry Pi Gameboy Projects & Step by Step Tutorials

Home media centers, car systems, portable PC’s, VPN’s and even Raspberry Pi arcade cabinets. These are just some of the interesting projects you can create with the credit-card-sized mini computer, Raspberry Pi. In all of these, my favorite Raspberry Pi project is creating a handheld gaming console. If you want to play emulator games or classic Gameboy games anywhere, you can create a Raspberry Pi gameboy.

In this post, you can find 5 awesome gameboy projects created using a Raspberry Pi. You can check out these gameboy projects and you can create your own Raspberry Pi gameboy with the help of step by step tutorials. You will need a Raspberry Pi, a 3D printed Gameboy case or an old Gameboy, a display, a few tools and some time to create your own up-to-date Gameboy. After building one of these, just install the RetroPie and you are ready to play with your lovely Raspberry Pi Gameboy. If you want to ask questions or give some advice, please feel free to use the comment section.

PiGRRL – Raspberry Pi Gameboy


This awesome Raspberry Pi gameboy project is created by Ruiz Brothers from adafruit.com. You will need a Raspberry Pi, a TFT touch screen, old SNES gaming controller, a battery and some 3D printed materials. Even if you don’t have a 3D printer, you can find required STL files in the guide and use any 3D printing service to have the Gameboy case in your favorite color. If you want to create your own PiGRRL, check out this link and start to get excited for your Raspberry Pi gameboy.

Super Pi Boy


Super Pi Boy is an another Raspberry Pi gameboy project. You don’t need to use any 3D printed parts for Super Pi Boy. All you need to do is buy an old Gameboy from eBay or another site and use its case and parts for your new build. “Super Pi Boy was a lot of fun to build and was well worth it”, its creator says.  If you want to learn more about Super Pi Boy and want to create yours, you can check out this link for step by step guide.

Super Game Pi


Super Game Pi is my favorite Raspberry Pi Gameboy project and i think you will love it too. This handheld beauty has 12 buttons, a 5″ HDMI display, an analog joystick, stereo speakers and more. Ruiz Brothers prepared this DIY gameboy with a Raspberry Pi A+ and RetroPie operation system. It is bigger than any other Raspberry Pi gameboys so you can play way more games with this one. To make your own Super Game Pi, you can visit this page to see what you need for this Raspberry Pi gameboy.

Raspberry Pi Gameboy Pocket (Pi-Pocket)


Pi-Pocket is an awesome Raspberry Pi gameboy capable of playing NES, Gameboy, Sega Master and Game Gear games using the RetroPie. You can also play Doom or Duke Nukem on this DIY gameboy build. Pi-Pocket provides over 3 hours of gameplay with its battery. Travis Brown created this project and in his guide, you can find all of the steps in details with images. If you want to learn more about Pi-Pocket, click this link and start creating your own great-looking Raspberry Pi gameboy.

RaspiBoy: A RaspberryPi inside a Gameboy


If you have a old Gameboy case, you can use it to create your RaspiBoy. You need a Raspberry Pi, 3.5″ TFT display, Gameboy buttons, a mini SD card, a mini speaker and audio connector, for this project. RaspiBoy is created by “mp911de” from instructables.com and he shows every detail of his Raspberry Pi gameboy in his guide. If you want to create your own RaspiBoy and hurt your fingers from playing too long, click this link and check out the step by step tutorial for RaspiBoy.

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