Trying to Find Their “Ultimate” Passion or Niche Doesn’t Help Everyone and Sometimes You Need to Just “Accept It”

It’s been more than four years since I’ve posted anything on my blog. Four. Years. Many of you may think that it is due to a health problem. Or you may think that the content I wrote didn’t get popular or help me earn money (I have earned a good amount of dollars from this blog in six years even though I didn’t work on it for the last four years). Unfortunately, there is only one reason for this: To look for “the ultimate niche” that suits my interests. 

Yes, I spent four f’ing years planning to create a better blog, earn more money, and find a topic that better suits my interests. I’ve consumed almost all the content you can read, listen to, or watch about “niche marketing” on the internet. Almost every day, I wrote down my interests on paper, dedicated to limiting myself to that one interest, and tried to find out what my real passion in this life is. I spent countless hours on Google, Reddit, and relevant blogs while making searches like these: 

  • “How to find your passion in life?”
  • “How to pick a niche?”
  • “Niche site or authority site?”
  • “Finding your niche when you have so many interests”

and on and on and on…

Messy brain

I have to say that I have many, many interests. I am working as a freelance translator but I am also a dad, a tech lover, an amateur musician, a coffee addict, a movie gourmet, a coin market follower, a gamer, a maker, a cooking fan, and… Oh, God. So many more things. When I read about a successful programmer, I want (or dream) to be one. When I see one of my friends creating electronic music, I find myself doing research about digital music production, relevant gear, guides, platforms, etc. I saw a Reddit post about Bitcoin, Metaverse, and NFTs and immediately I was your wannabe “crypto guy”, checking YouTube videos and courses about “How to be a crypto market trader?” or “Buying an NFT”. I don’t want to get you bored with my dabbler lifestyle but you got the idea.

In pursuit of the motto “Riches are in the niches“, I thought about focusing on just one, ultimate interest and creating a blog or a YouTube channel around that topic to share my knowledge, create something valuable and maybe earn some money from it. But I have been doing nothing but researching and reading for four years, waiting for that “ultimate passion” to hit me eventually.

One day, I was driving and a YouTube video from my listening list started to play. Its title was “Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling”, by Emilie Wapnick from Tedx Talks. It was about being a multipotentialite person and feeling getting lost between too many interests. It was a great video for people like me and the main idea was to inspire “thousands of multipotentialites to stop trying to fit themselves into boxes, and embrace their plurality”. Then I thought, “I am not alone!”. I watched the whole video countless times and really loved it. (She also has a great blog named “Puttylike” and I urge you to check it.)

After that “multipotentialite” term hit me, I looked for other motivating, inspiring videos and it didn’t take long till I found that masterpiece video from Gary Vaynerchuk. The title was “Your Niche is Being Yourself”. Like Gary’s all videos, it makes you want to hug that awesome guy, give him a high-five and work your ass off till you pass out. In that video, he basically said this: “Don’t try to limit yourself. Those interests made you ‘you’.”  

While I was planning my resolutions for 2022, I added a line saying “Work on your blog” and it hit me at that moment. I spent four years doing basically nothing for my blog by just planning, researching, and dreaming aimlessly. I looked back and found the reason for my “slothing”. That endless researching, planning or dreaming kept me alive and felt like I was actually doing something. I convinced myself I wasn’t just slugging. I was just “planning” and today, I can see that I don’t have a plan, a blog, or anything but my so-called plans. Actually, it was an escape method for me. In this way, I tried to hide my laziness from myself, that I was too sluggish to create a side project in my spare time. I understand this now and trust me, it is very hard to swallow.

I am writing this blog post as a manifest for myself. In 2022, I won’t try to limit myself or find my “ultimate interest” in creating something. Instead, I will do my best to create valuable, useful content about whatever makes me excited. I named this blog “Slothy Geek” for a reason. I accept that I am a “Slothy Geek” that is a geek about many things but has that “slothy” approach when it comes to taking action. I will blog about all my interests in this blog and hope you will love my work. 

It gives me a great feeling when I think about anyone who comes from Google to read this post while in search of that “true niche” for themselves. Let’s not try to find our ultimate passion. Let’s not just try to fool ourselves with endless excuses. Let’s be as broad as possible and be ourselves since we are not machines. We are all human and the curiosity in our minds drives us every day. If you can’t stand the idea of creating a project around a very limited topic, there is nothing wrong with you. And trust me, you are not alone.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope I can help even one person like the way Emilie or Gary did for me.

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